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All-in-one platform for health, connectivity and pharma

The all-in-one solution for healthcare, communication and pharmacy for seniors and their families.

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Purpose-built for seniors 

Unlike regular smartphones and tablets, our Care2Talk tablet was created with their needs in mind, such as challenges with vision, hearing, cognition, mobility and more. Your monthly subscription includes an 8 inch Care2Talk tablet that makes connecting easier:

One touch video calls to make reaching out simple
A closed, secure contact list to prevent scam calls
Large, easy buttons for clear navigation
Closed captioning for hearing challenges
7 day battery life to reduce charging frequency
Notification reminders for family members to connect with the senior

Enjoy simple and secure communication

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    Caregivers and family members simply download the Care2Talk app on their smart device
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    They can add and remove contacts, and manage their loved one’s profile remotely
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    Closed system -- zero risk of fraud or spam calls
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    Unlimited calling, unlimited contacts
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    Unlimited support

Be part of your loved one’s healthcare from anywhere

Seniors are being left behind in the telehealth revolution. That’s why our Care2Talk platform also includes telehealth and in-person access to our healthcare team (Doctors or Nurse Practitioners).

Scheduling appointments for your senior
Virtually attend doctor’s appointments with them
Discuss medications and treatments directly
Liaise on a care plan together
See the same family doctor each virtual or in-person appointment
Next day delivery of prescribed medications, depending on location
Senior staying connected with tablet

Healthcare access for you and your family

As well as providing the senior in your life with a network of health care practitioners, you and your family can also access our network for their own appointments. Whether you need a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist, or Patient Navigator, our team is here to help at no additional costs!

Connect with family, health and pharma for one monthly fee

Accessing the Care2Talk platform is just $45 per month. This includes:

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    Senior-friendly 8″ tablet ($200 value, free)
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    Fast charging dock
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    Unlimited calls and contacts
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    Access to care team with one touch
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    Dedicated doctor for your family

There are no in-app purchases, catches or gotchas. Everything we offer is included in one monthly subscription for one senior and their family. Cancel anytime with no penalty.

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What our clients and their families have to say

Care2Talk has been life changing for us. My mom and I can talk or just hang out. It has made us both feel so much better and really is the next best thing since we cannot get together in person. I feel like Mom and I are finally connected again.
New Zealand
This is such a valuable tool for keeping families connected in a very simple and secure way.
Kamloops, BC
This app has been life-changing for our family, especially during covid, but with me living overseas it has also been such an awesome link to mom and dad.
Toronto, ON
It’s so nice to deal with a company that has real people easily accessible for queries and problem-solving.
Nova Scotia
This gives my husband a lifeline to his family, especially when he is feeling lonely, scared or afraid.
Victoria, BC
I live in Toronto, and my mom lives on Vancouver Island, and she cannot manage a regular phone call. Without the Care2Talk app, I can only see her once a year when I can visit, but now I get to see her every week. Care2Talk has been the difference between seeing my mom and not. It has been a real game changer.
Toronto, ON
The tablet allowed me to be with my mom at the end. She knew I was there.
Vancouver, BC
After my husband had a stroke he wasn’t able to press any buttons on a regular phone or anything. So I thought Care2Talk was super innovative and great in the way that he only has to press one button on the screen and it does the rest for him. It has been really great for him to just call people when he needs a bit of extra love.
The Care2Talk tablets have been a great success with a core group of residents. We continue to encourage families who wish to visit virtually to move to this platform with us. Some of our Care Aides have also embraced using them with residents which is fantastic.
Care Coordinator in Vancouver
Its been awesome and such a time saver for us. Before we were running around with tablets trying to set up zoom calls or Facetime, and trying to coordinate all those different methods with all the different families and residents. Care2Talk has really simplified things for us and has been a great help for my team.
Recreation Director in California
Looking to improve the quality of life for guests in your assisted living community?

Custom pricing is available for care communities seeking to provide their guests with our Care2Talk communication and healthcare solutions. On top of the telehealth and communication solutions included in our individual subscriptions, we can also book blocks of in-person appointments in your community to simplify access and reduce transportation challenges.

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Improve the quality of life for your loved one

Start your monthly subscription today to receive your senior’s easy-to-use Care2Talk tablet and connect them with friends, family and our network of healthcare professionals.

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