Seniors staying connected

It all started with pandemic isolation

Care2Talk was created during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by addressing a problem. Our Founder Jordan Schley’s 88-year-old grandpa, Gene, was feeling lonely and disconnected, but found traditional digital communication tools hard to use. Jordan created a simplified tablet interface for him, stripping away anything unnecessary to avoid confusion or frustration.

Tablet view

Seniors had a need that wasn’t being served

Reconnecting Jordan’s grandpa with a senior-friendly tablet led to demand from other families and care communities. With their needs in mind, we developed an iOS/Android app to enable caregivers to manage a safe contact list, added closed captioning and created simple buttons. Seniors and their families were communicating easier.

Quick physician access with Care2Talk tablet

Making healthcare accessible for seniors

As Care2Talk grew, we saw seniors being left behind in the telehealth revolution. Now, we’ve created a healthcare network on our platform, enabling seniors, their caregivers and family members to easily collaborate on care in-person and virtually. We also help with quick access to specialists, medication reviews, and a healthcare navigator which the entire family can use too.

Who We Are
Dedicated professionals who care about seniors

Our Care2Talk family is passionate about removing barriers for seniors to improve their lives while making it easier for caregivers to support them. We’re excited to be an award-winning team with a diverse range of experience, skills and ideas.

Improve the quality of life for your loved one

Start your monthly subscription today to receive your senior’s easy-to-use Care2Talk tablet and connect them with friends, family and our network of healthcare professionals.

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