Our Technology

Care2Talk is a video technology platform that provides the easiest and most secure product for older adults in Memory Care, SNF, AL, IL to connect their loved ones & provider groups.

Care2Talk is an iOS/Android App which uses a specially designed interface on mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive impairments or other limitations.
This includes conditions associated with:

• Aging & Dementia
• Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities
• Brain Injuries
• Vision and Hearing Impairments (CC)
• Physical Disabilities & Mobility Restrictions

Care2Talk Technology
Care2Talk Services

Care2Talk identified that there was a gap in services available to connect seniors or people with dementia/cognitive disabilities with their care providers, family, or friends. Video calling applications proved to be too confusing for many older adults to navigate and use. Care2talk resulted from this need to keep the aging population socially connected.

Our Features

Simple Touch Video Calling with CC
To initiate a video call, just simply touch.
Closed Caption is included as a option for all tablets.

Care2Talk's Web Portal - Admin Time Saver
Designed for care communities, simply manage all devices and payments in one location - our web portal.  

Closed Network
Easy to share contacts information via email or text from anywhere around the world. Connecting just got easier!

Remote Access
Empower family members to connect to their elders more, removing the isolation.
Make changes to contacts, view recorded conversations, or troubleshoot issues from anywhere in the world.

Care2Talk Features
Care2Talk Updates

Ability for Integrations
Ability to integrate with care communities directly using their internal systems:

Connect elders with:
• Family and Friends outside the care communities
• Friends within the care communities
• Care Providers (care aide, front-end admin staff, kitchen, and physicians)

Unlimited Onboarding Training and Support
Care2Talk will work with you to ensure full understanding of our tools and features with training videos, face to face (virtually), and full support from our IT team - white glove support!

Quarterly Updates
As technology changes, our Care2Talk customers will receive the latest version when rolling out updates at no additional cost

The Problem

As Covid-19 hit us worldwide, face-to-face connectivity was lost between seniors and their loved ones, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Older adults have been hit harder than any other population group. Loneliness & isolation can be more harmful than smoking a pack of cigarettes per day

Video calling applications proved to be too confusing for many elders to navigate and requires admin staff to facilitate the calls

Lack of physicians and health care professionals connecting to our elders - telehealth market place for our elders

Allows for a better exchange of information since both speaker and listener are able to see and interpret body language and facial expressions

video calling app

Why us?

Empowering connection using super simple, video-chatting tools.

Care2Talk identified that there was a gap in services available to connect seniors or people with dementia/cognitive disabilities with their caretakers, family, or friends. Video calling applications proved to be too confusing for many senior citizens to navigate and use. Care2Talk resulted from this need to keep the aging population socially connected.

Care2Talk is an IOS/Android app that is ridiculously simple to use and allows for independent, remote operation by individuals who otherwise would not be able to use video-chatting technology.  A closed network of contacts can be remotely managed by family members or caregivers allowing for safe, simple connections.

care2talk easy navigation

Benefits to the seniors

  • Simplified solution for connecting (removes the barriers many individuals face when using technology)
  • Easy to use including closed captioning
  • Locked down tablets - no confusing dashboards or distractions
  • 7 day battery life
  • No opportunity for scam or fraudulent calls
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Benefits to the loved ones

  • No more having your loved one struggle to use technology to connect with you
  • Connect easier with built in notification reminders
  • Reduce cell plans by up to 85% monthly
  • Easy to connect multiple family members to seniors account
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Benefits for the care homes

  • Reduce time from care aids when connecting families
  • No paid zoom accounts
  • Connecting simplified
  • Easy to use web app - built by and for seniors
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What our clients say

"Mum had a cellphone but wasn't interested in using it. We got Care2Talk when I relocated, now she calls me daily and loves seeing my reaction to the stories she tells about her life"

-Leanne, Daughter

"They sell something we have all been looking for. I spoke to my grandfather as he passed and it could not have happened without Care2Talk"

-Brent, Son

"No one wants to feel like a burden asking for help to talk with loved ones. Care2Talk enables our residents to do this independently"

-Joy, Care Coordinator

Industries Served

Senior Care Homes

Senior Care Homes

Connecting made easier within care homes, having the ability to connect with everyone (Family & Friend's, CareAid's, Doctor's and Admin) within the care home, reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression for seniors.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Care2Talk has worked with a number of government agencies to develop custom platforms meeting their latest video technology needs.



Eliminate all unnecessary visits with your loved ones using Care2Talk's Peer2Peer Tablets. Our pre-designed tablets with remote access just got easier, connect now with your loved ones.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Connect with Care2Talk to create custom applications in any industry using our Care2Talk video technology.

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Android Developer

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Director of Sales

Isabelle Bennett

Marketing Manager

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Sr. iOS Developer

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